Introducing… the 2012 Gypsy Wagon project!

There's a beauty to the simple, tiny-house life...

It might look something like this... but probably not.

Well, I said in my last post that I had some things in the pipeline for 2012, and this is one of them (as you can tell, one of my New Year’s resolutions was not “assimilate with society”).  Before the blank look of confusion or slight annoyance wears off your face, I shall do my best to explain the personal madness I have planned for the New Year.

I endeavor to build a mobile, home-like structure, on a trailer base platform, out of as much salvaged and recycled materials as possible, and live in it. Continue reading

The year in review, and a good cause…

My holiday look

Stylin' for the holidays...

Christmas Eve came, and as I turned the key in the lock of the spa door I thought to myself, “FINALLY.  Now I can chill out and disappear.”

My little vacation time couldn’t come soon enough.  This year has been an exceptional challenge for me personally.  I quit the massage school where I was teaching (that’s a story for another time, and maybe a book), invested that teaching salary in the spa, and threw myself headfirst back into my business.   Once again our dayspa survived despite the recession, crappy economy, earthquakes, hurricanes and lousy Verizon service.  Continue reading

A Birthday Tradition Continues!

I'm giving out awards because I CAN, dammit.

¡Feliz Cumpleaños! to you all! (I’ll tell you what that means in a moment – for now, all you non-Spanish speakers just follow along like you understood what I said.) Continue reading

Re-defining “the Good Life” – in a Tiny Yellow House

Get more health tips & info here!I once lived in a converted summer cottage on a small country farm in deep southern New Jersey.  My entire house was smaller than the living room of your average McMansion, but we grew all our own food and enjoyed being knee-deep in nature (and goat manure).  Thanks to the Recession and a growing environmental awareness, more people are learning that for them, less is truly more. Continue reading

5 Rules For Choosing a DaySpa

5 rules can make the difference between a great spa experience...or a bad one.

5 rules can make the difference between a great spa experience...or a bad one.

The spa movement has really begun to pick up speed in society, largely in  part thanks to shows like “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” and other reality tv;  but what about the rest of us non-famous people with limited budgets, day jobs and stress? Continue reading

I’ll be two degrees hotter…

I’ll let you in on a little-known secret.  I have a college degree.

Yup, I sure do.  In fact, I have a B.A. in History from Rutgers University,  framed, in my Mom’s den.  I know it’s hard to believe that someone who blathers on about kombucha, video games, and nose piercings ad nauseaum made it past high school, but Continue reading

And a “Very Merry” to You, Too!

This time of year tends to be ridiculously busy for everyone, and I’m no exception.  Although I don’t have kids, I do have a business – an oversized, financial dependent that consumes all my time and sanity - that I wouldn’t give up for the world (hmmmm, maybe I really was suited for motherhood, after all).

We try to have fun around here all year ’round.  My husband is the rare breed that can find the humor in almost everything, and decorating for the holidays is no exception.  Consider this video our early Christmas gift to you, and if you think it might bring a smile to someone (especially in these challenging times), feel free to pass it along.  Whatever your tradition may be, we wish you a “Very Merry” season, with much happiness and beauty in the coming New Year!

Guns, Mutants & Radiation: The Secret Life of a Massage Therapist

Enclave armor is the new black. Everyone knows that, silly.

Enclave armor is the new black. Everyone knows that, silly.

My clients often assume that I because I work in a relaxing atmosphere, surrounded by the delicious wafting of essential oils and soft music, that my home life is much the same.  I think they have this mental picture of me meditating or doing yoga, while listening to gently falling water, native flutes, or thunderstorm soundtracks on endless repeat.  Nothing could be further from the truthContinue reading